Refund Policy

1.  Clients should be satisfied with the delivered orders. This implies that the customer is entitled to a full or partial refund under certain circumstances.

1.1 All refund requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis since there are unique reasons as to why refund requests are made.
1.2 When the customer is not satisfied with the complete order, the customer has 72 hours to request for a revision.
2. If the customer requests for a revision but our support staff believe that the paper has been sufficiently written, we may be prompted to request for documented proof that indicates that the quality of the complete order is low. Such documented proof can take the form of a scanned copy of your instructor’s feedback or a plagiarism report.  Based on the evaluation, we may submit a partial or full refund according to the dissatisfaction found on the paper.
2.1 A 100% refund can be given only when:
a) The order was not assigned to a writer. The refund is issued within 6 hours after placing the order.
b) When payments are made more than once for the same order, the extra amount is refunded.
c) When the delivered order does not match any of the client’s instructions when the client placed the order. 
2.2 Partial refunds are given when:
a) 50% refunds are issued when the client assigns us to stop working on the order halfway to the order delivery date.
b) Every other refund is determined by our support staff based on the client’s reason for requesting the refund. Refund decisions are made in consideration of both the writer and the customer. Accompanying evidence of the writer’s progress may be issued to the client where necessary. 
3. Our support team can reject a refund request if they determine that the refund request is unfair. 
4. Failure to request for a revision implies that the delivered order is okay and the client is content with the work hence no further refunds are possible.
5. No other refund requests can be made other than those stipulated on this page. 
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