Privacy Policy

This page defines privacy practices as well as policies for Clay-City Studios Ltd. (“”) pertaining to information that may be shared with has the mandate to update any of its privacy policies at any time without any consent from the user/users. By the user using this site, the user agrees to be conversant with this site’s policies at any given time. refers to this website.
1. Personal Information
Where necessary you may be required to provide with your personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, and electronic mail. All payments on this website are processed by third parties or payment gateways not owned by us. This implies that we will never at any point hold information pertaining to your credit card, bank, or any other payment details. will never release any of your personally identifiable information unless:
a) As allowed in this policy statement
b) As allowed in any written agreement between you and
c) Where we find it necessary to enforce our rights in any agreement between you and will enable you to regulate the data you provide to us and also allow you to voice your concerns regarding our privacy policy.
We will never at any point gather information among any users under the age of eighteen. As so, we advise parents to regulate their children’s internet activities.
2. Anonymous Information
“Anonymous Information” refers to any other information that is not personal information that may comprise domain names, IP, and any other browsing information.
Upon your navigation to this site, we sometimes gather anonymous information for system administration and research to improve your experiences on this site as well as our own experiences. We have no advertisers thus do not share any of your information to advertisers. will use your IP addresses when we find it necessary to ensure compliance with the terms of use on this site.

3. Sharing Personal Information
At no point shall we share any personally identifiable information unless we have given you a notice in advance and you have authorized the information to be shared. Our partners may from time to time receive your personal information but are generally barred from sharing the personal information. However, if we are prompted to add any service that requires the sharing of your personal information, we will inform you of the changes.
Infringing the rights of others using this site or through our services may prompt us to share your personal information with relevant legal authorities. Additionally, we may provide your personal information to relevant legal authorities upon request during a criminal investigation when we have sufficient proof that the law requires it.
4. Third-Party Relationships
Whenever you are forced to use any of our third-party services, it is upon you to read their privacy policy and terms and conditions then make an informed decision of whether you are going to continue using their services. We cannot guarantee whether third parties use acceptable privacy policies, thus it is upon you to make an informed decision.
5. Security operates under secure services or technologies. We rely on our service providers to provide secure services thus cannot fully warrant the security of information shared with us. However, we will do anything within our capability to ensure that we provide secure services.
6. Contacting Us
For any questions regarding our privacy policy, kindly contact us through support@ . reserves the right to modify the privacy policies stipulated in this document at any time. It is upon you; the user to make yourself conversant with this change. However, all changes will be posted on this page.

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